Caravan Toilet Additives

For over 50 years, Worldwide Monochem® has been an American leader in toilet cleaning and deodorizing products for the RV, marine, charter and aviation industries. As a pioneer in industry, Monochem continues to provide market-tested, quality products. Each product in the Monochem family is developed to meet freshness and cleaning needs for RVs.

Monochem was recently acquired by Satellite Industries through its division Satellite Environmental, LLC. As a result, the product offerings have grown considerably as have the ability to serve the ever-growing customer base.

Currently the family of Monochem products consists of 4 toilet additives: Fresh Green, Fresh Green Pack, Fresh Blue, Fresh Blue Pack. Through the years products have been created and reformulated to increase their effectiveness, make them more pleasant for the consumer to use and address environmental concerns.

Products are rigorously tested both inhouse and in the field. While feedback is crucial to the ongoing development of a product, Monochem strives to put effective products on the market rather than waiting for consumers to suggest the improvements. After initial testing, samples of products are distributed into the field of the target market. This ensures that products perform reliably and as described. Industry testing results in more than high-quality products.

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