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Fresh Blue

Fresh Blue is a liquid toilet additive that will give you superior control and will keep your caravan toilet tank clean. It has a pleasant scent and deep blue colour that is non-staining on skin or toilet parts. Fresh Blue is safe for the environment and will not harm toilet or holding tank parts.

The Fresh Blue is available in 1L bottle with dosing chamber.

Pour 40 ml into holding tank or directly into the cassette, depending on amount of usage and temperature. Cover bottom of the tank with water.

Fresh Blue Pack

Fresh Blue Pack caravan toilet additives are powder sachets. They can be added directly to your toilet to effectively reduce odours. The water soluble outer casing dissolves in your toilet without leaving any harmful residue. Fresh Blue Pack sachets are most effective when used in toilets that will be emptied often.

15 sachets of 30gr per tub.

Drop a single sachet into toilet tank and add 2-3L of clean water. One sachet will treat approximately 19L of water. Close tightly, store in cool dry place and avoid contact with water.

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